Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is established to promote the mission of the CAPCA among the state, local, and municipal specifiers where we are active, as well as the consulting community that supports those jurisdictions.  We do this through exhibits at trade shows and conferences, sponsorships of activities at those events, as well as underwriting the subscriptions to trade publications that endorse precast concrete and its uses. Our members are our best way of communicating the advantages of precast, so we seek opportunities to provide speakers or documents to support our industry at any number of varieties of functions and venues. We have supported the MdQI Conference, the Maryland Concrete Conference and the Mid- Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop, and are seeking the chance to go to the CEAM Annual Meeting in 2010.
Aimee Connerton – Rinker Materials (Chair and CAPCA Website Contact)
Ron Turpin – Contractors Precast
Scott Crumpler – Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC
Walt Catlett – American Concrete Pipe Association (APAC)

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is dedicated to the growth of our Association by actively seeking new members in various fields of trade relating to our profession. The Committee’s primary objective is to encourage candidates to join the Association and share their expertise as it relates to precast concrete and reinforced concrete pipe to help promote the use of these products in the field of construction. The potential members we seek are producers of precast concrete products and/or reinforced concrete pipe, supply these producer members with products and services, or, specify these products to be utilized in the construction of our country’s infrastructure.
Dave Barber – (Chair)
Ed Pennypacker – JEPCO
Greg Ouimette – Oldcastle Infrastructure

Pipe Committee

The Pipe Committee was established to promote and educate the end user on the benefits of reinforced concrete pipe.  We work with local and state agencies, engineers, and property owners on projects with standard and special design requirements. The end user can feel confident the product provided will be in service for one hundred years, or longer.  Please feel free to contact us for any of your concrete pipe needs.
Jay Fraley, Rinker Materials
Mike Barna, Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC
Randy McClure, Rinker Materials

Drainage and Structures Committee

The Drainage and Structures Committee works with local jurisdictions to review standards and specifications. We offer our services to provide alternate precast details to be placed in their books of standards.
Greg Ouimette – Oldcastle Infrastructure (Chair)
Mike Barna – Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC
Jim Talbott – Gillespie
Hank Gottschalk – Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC
Rick Cherba – Contractors Precast Corporation
Cabell Potts – Contractors Precast Corporation

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee plans, schedules and implements the Annual Meeting for members and the other requested committee and board meetings through the year. Our goal is to provide our current and prospective members with promotional avenues to meet and further the use of precast concrete in the Central Atlantic area. Our speakers assist in these efforts and we work to have members of the states and FWHA in attendance and participating at our meetings. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Marie Derby, ARGOS US (Chair)

Education Committee

The goal of the Education Committee is to put the mission statement into practice by educating specifiers and users as to the advantages and effective utilization of precast concrete products and systems. This is done through educational events such as “Lunch & Learn” presentations, on site training seminars, and through other education material. A large focus of the committee is the offering of education material and presentations to local university undergraduate civil engineering students. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about CAPCA’s educational opportunities.
Hank Gottschalk, Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC (Chair)
Scott Crumpler – Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC
Aimee Connerton – Rinker Materials
Walt Catlett – American Concrete Pipe Association (APAC)
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